A curated collection of inspirational AI-powered JavaScript apps


Built by Elle, Asim, Osama - hosted on Azure

About is a collection of inspirational AI-driven projects written in JavaScript.

AI is the ability of machines to imitate human intelligence.

Previously not in the realm of JavaScript developers, you can now quickly build AI-powered apps in JavaScript using libraries such as TensorFlow.js, or even just by making an API call to one of the AI-powered APIs out there.

This technology has triggered an explosion in creativity; AI-powered JavaScript apps are popping up all over the place which is why we built, a place where you can find the most inspiring examples of AI & JavaScript from across the web.

The rules are simple. Each app must have a demo link so you can try it out. We try out hardest to add value by explaining a little bit about how each app was built and the technologies used. was built by Asim Hussain, Eleanor Haproff and Osama Jandali.

Asim and Eleanor also run the London Meetup AI JavaScript.

If you want to contact us you can do so by emailing or tweet us at @AiJavaScript. is an open source project so you can fix issues, develop features and of course, submit content, via GitHub.

Check out our submission guidelines for more info.