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Built by Elle, Asim, Osama - hosted on Azure


Listen to music and sort in the right order


  • Tone.js
  • MusicVAE.js
  • Magenta.js


This is a game based on a musical machine learning algorithm which can interpolate different melodies. The player has to listen to the music to find out the right order, or "sort" the song.

The player first has to figure out the original order of the interpolation between two different melodies, and the difficulties will increase as the game progresses.

The creator Vibert Thio says 'I’m exploring the idea of using gamification to make the musical machine learning algorithms more understandable and fun. Therefore, I used MusicVAE.js to create this game “Sornting”, which is basically “Song” + “Sort”. I’m not trying to justify the result of the interpolation is perfect here. The user will find that some weird effect of interpolation while playing the game and listening to the melodies carefully. It will help the user to not only understand the model but also find out the weakness of model.'

Try it out here