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We encourage submissions from creators or finders of interesting AI and JavaSctipt projects.

To submit you can simply create a Pull Request to the GitHub repo with the content you want to add.

Please note the following submission guidelines:

  1. Only submit one piece of content per Pull Request
  2. Needs to be built in JavaScript and use AI in some way - can be vanilla JavaScript, use any JavaScript library, or even just use an API relating to AI
  3. Must include a demo link, something people can click on and play around with.

To create a Pull Request

  1. create a folder inside /pages/inspire/
  2. Add a markdown file (see / and any required images.
  3. Please note you will need to include meta data at the top section of the markdown file such as the title, date etc.
  4. In the description please try to explain as little or as much about how the application is built, especially what technologies it uses.
  5. Run npm run develop locally to build the site and make sure the content renders correctly.

You can also tweet us at @AiJavaScript if you see something we should post!

All contributors to must adhere to our Code of Conduct as outlined in the Contributor Covenant, version 1.4.